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Jeff Hollingsworth, Vice President and CIO

The Division of Information Technology offers a wide range of services, including phones, email, network access, Wi-Fi, classroom and instructional technology, programming and support for administrative computing systems like Testudo and Payroll and Human Resources, and more. We provide tech support, ways to get computers and software, and resources to help learn to use them. We even offer consulting services related to technology use, business processes, project planning, software development, server operations, data security, and more.

While keeping all of these services running gives us lots to do on a daily basis, the actual purpose of these resources, and everything DIT staff members do, is to help University of Maryland students, faculty, administrators, staff, and researchers achieve their goals -- the ones they have now and the future ones that will come about. Contributing to the learning, teaching, research, innovation, planning, and day-to-day activities that happen at the university is an honor and we are proud to do it.

To help us continue improving how we partner with and support the university community, we are engaging in a new strategic planning process. To develop a strategic plan that is truly helpful, we need input from university community members of all sorts -- about DIT, what you need from us, and how you think those needs will be changing in the future. During the next months, we are going to hold listening sessions with different stakeholders and engage closely with UMD community members to learn what is working for them and what can we do to expand...

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-- From UMD faculty, students, and staff

Investing in Knowledge (and How We Manage It): Lessons Learned from ServiceNow's 2018 Conference

By: Leighanne Ellis, DIT Knowledge Management Team Lead

Benjamin Franklin said that "an investment in knowledge pays the best interest." I rather agree with him. I may be a bit biased though: My work is in Knowledge Management, and I am the team lead. To say that I am invested in learning and...

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Six Ways Video and Audio Can Improve Learning--ATI Media Studio Resources Can Help

Are you seeking new ways to engage your students? Adding audio and video elements to the traditional classroom (and to the online one) can improve learning and make things more interesting. The Academic Technology and Innovation (ATI) Media Studio,...

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IT Insiders

Official All-in-One Mobile App for UMD
New in Fall 2020, the University of Maryland app is the official mobile app for the university, offering up-to-date information and content specific to the user's select experience. The UMD app delivers access to popular institutional services and resources, including daily symptom check, campus reopening updates, real-time bus tracking, interactive campus map, dining hall menus, browse/add/drop classes, important events, news and announcements, and more. It’s available from the Apple App Store and the Google Play store. Learn more or download the app, and please spread the word to fellow UMD community members.

Create and Facilitate Groups and Group Work in ELMS-Canvas
In this webinar, learn how to create groups and the strategies for organizing them. Explore activities students can participate in within their ELMS group spaces, including group discussions and building wiki pages. Please visit the Keep Teaching ELMS-Canvas page on Monday, September 28 from 2 until 3 p.m. and select the Zoom tab to enter the session's Zoom Room.

DIY IT Accessibility: The Six Essential Steps
October 2020 is Disability Awareness Month! Participate in a webinar that will give an overview of the six areas that have the greatest impact on making your online content more accessible. Unintentional barriers to content can happen when headings, links, color, images, tables, and multimedia are incorrectly used or formatted. Gain new skills for increased accessibility as well as additional resources for implementing the Six Essential Steps in all aspects of creating and editing online content. Please visit the Keep Teaching ELMS-Canvas page on Wednesday, October 7 from 10 until 11 a.m. and select the Zoom tab to enter the session's Zoom Room.

Project Elevate Campus Presentations
UMD is in the process of modernizing our aging computing systems. Testudo/SIS, PHR, and Kuali system users will be most impacted by this necessary transition. The Elevate Project at UMD will change the way the university does business, improve the user experience for all of us, and align our technology to the future. UMD community members are invited to attend a campus-wide information session delivered via Zoom. Advance registration with a UMD email is required.
Register for Tuesday, October 6, 1-2 p.m.
Register for Wednesday, November 11, 9-10 a.m.