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Delivering the Vision

Delivering the Vision

UMD students, faculty, and staff cultivate fearless ideas every day. The Division of IT strives to help you achieve your vision by providing secure, stable and modern systems and services. We also aim to make our services and information easy to request, access, and use. To support these goals, we have reinvented the way university community members engage with our division resources and support services.

We are pleased to introduce this new website, which is designed to be service-focused and architected to make it easy for you to find the services we provide, get support while using the services, report a problem when the services may not be working properly, or give us feedback as to how we can improve. Details about each service, such as who may use it, how to access it, and when it is available, are provided in the service catalog, which has been arranged into new categories and is also filterable by campus audience. Many catalog items have also become self-service, with the activation process automated through the catalog. Additionally, each catalog item is linked to our IT Library, which features new collections and houses more than 1,000 articles featuring how-tos and other information.

The new website also offers opportunities for community members to participate in creating the future of IT at UMD. You can submit your ideas and provide feedback about potential future system and service enhancements, learn about our governance groups and advisory partners, and discover IT communities of practice you may want to join.

You can also get information about IT security, peek into projects in progress, and see analytics about IT services and...

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Investing in Knowledge (and How We Manage It): Lessons Learned from ServiceNow's 2018 Conference

By: Leighanne Ellis, DIT Knowledge Management Team Lead

Benjamin Franklin said that "an investment in knowledge pays the best interest." I rather agree with him. I may be a bit biased though: My work is in Knowledge Management, and I am the team lead. To say that I am invested in learning and...

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UMD Google Accounts and Personal Data

Over a billion people rely on Google to complete an array of tasks. From crafting a complex spreadsheet to turning off a light, Google is deeply integrated in our personal and professional lives. This union isn’t always a transparent one.

The University of Maryland relies on Google to provide email to staff, faculty, and students. Spotlight investigated what Google may know about you...

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IT Insiders

Inspire "Friendly" Classroom Competition with Clickers
At this Learning Technology Design Lunch and Learn, we will explore some exciting features of TurningPoint such as Word Cloud and Team competitions. For a hands-on experience, please have the TurningPoint app installed on your smartphone. Join us October 9, noon - 1 p.m.! Please RSVP.

MATLAB Adoption Update
In February 2018, UMD launched an expanded campus-wide license for MATLAB, Simulink, and companion toolboxes, covering on-campus and home installations for all current students, instructors, staff, and researchers, as well as classroom and lab installations. It is available thanks to a collaboration among DIT, the Clark School, CMNS, and BSOS. As of last week, more than 24,200 licenses had been activated. So far, 324 people have taken the MATLAB Onramp and/or Deep Learning Onramp courses. If you’re interested in the tools, get started at TERPware.

MFA Registration Sessions
DIT staff will be in campus dining halls and The Stamp’s food court several times next week to help students get set up for multi-factor authentication (MFA). Beginning October 15, MFA will be required for all students to log into all university resources that use the Central Authentication System (CAS), including ELMS-Canvas, Testudo, Terrapin Express, Box, library services, and more. Find out about dates and locations.