Classroom Support Offices

Support offices are located in several buildings that have largeconcentrations of Technology Classrooms or technology carts. Support office hours vary but the Central Point of Contact office in 0125 Hornbake has extended hours.

Central Point of Contact:  0125 Hornbake

0234 Benjamin 1204 Jimenez
1101 Bio/Psych 1301J Physics
1120 Computer Science Instructional Center 1132 Plant Sciences
0123 Engineering 1314 School of Public Health (formerly HHP)
1111 Francis Scott Key 1126 Tydings
0125 Hornbake Library 1530 Van Munching

Support Office Services

The staff of the support offices will assist a user from any department who has trouble operating the technology (hooking up their laptop, etc.) or wants someone to show them how to use the A/V system.  In addition, support offices typically keep supplies of batteries, cables, etc. and in some cases may have spare equipment on hand.  The staff of the support office also do regular room checks and simple maintenance and when more serious problems are found, they will be reported so they can be fixed as soon as possible.

Assistance in Using Technology Classrooms

If you want software to be installed on the instructor computer,


If you want to request training in using a Technology Classroom,

please email